Drop-in bathtubs are classic—and they, too, can help you relax in style and comfort! Whether you are looking for a five- or six-foot tub, or a corner tub, Whitewater has your bathing needs covered. Our drop-in tubs have built-in frame support and are constructed with a high-gloss, white acrylic. They are easy to install and require no additional framing or support.

Drop-In Tub Features:

  • White acrylic
  • No-flex decks
  • Foam-insulated bottom
  • Slip-resistant bottom

Click on the images below to view spec sheets of the corresponding bathtubs.


  • 42″ wide x 72″ long x 20″ high
  • 82 gallon capacity


  • 60″ x 60″ x 53.5″ x 21″ high
  • 77 gallon capacit


  • 41.75″ wide x 59.75″ long x 19″ high
  • 65 gallon capacity


  • 32″ wide x 60″ long x 19″ high
  • 54 gallon capacity


A drop-in bathtub is a shell of a tub, meant to be dropped into a frame or alcove before use. Whitewater’s tubs come reinforced so that no extra framing is required, and you can purchase skirts in any of Whitewater’s available materials to minimize the amount of framing required.

You can go to the effort of framing, installing substrate, installing your surround or tiles, then finishing the top deck and securing the tub and drains  – or you can simply have Whitewater build everything, and a trusted plumber install your tub!

Many drop-in tubs require additional framing or support before they can be used. If the framing is done improperly, it can result in a “bouncy” feel to the bottom or sides of the tub, which can contribute to damage to the tub or cause dangerous falls. Whitewater’s drop-ins have built in support and require no additional framing. Depending on the design, you will want an outer wall or skirt, but the tub will be solid with or without the visual addition.

Have you ever set foot in a tub that feels “bouncy”? The bottom of improperly installed drop-in tubs can have a dangerous flex to them – not with Whitewater. Our drop-in tubs are built with a reinforced “no-flex deck” which makes for safe and easy installation.