The Different Types of Countertop Edges

There is a lot to think about when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. But one aspect many commonly overlook is countertop edges.

Countertop edges are incredibly important. They can determine the style and feel of your kitchen, how safe it is for your children, and how easily it can be cleaned after meal prep.

If you don’t know anything about countertop edges, don’t worry! We will go over five different edge styles, each of their pros & cons, and the style we recommend.

Ogee Edge

If you’re looking for something that says “luxury” or “lavish,” ogee countertop edges are a common option. The two soft curves in the edge’s design create an attractive “S” shape, varying in depth and curve for different dramatic profiles and styles.

While ogee edges work well in some luxurious kitchen designs, they can stick out and often throw off the feel and flow in simpler settings. Their S-shape design can also be a challenge to clean.


  • Lavish S-shaped design for more luxurious kitchens
  • No sharp edges make them generally safe for children
  • Works as quartz or granite


  • Can look out of place in simple kitchens
  • S-shaped design can be challenging to clean
  • Work best on kitchen islands

Bevel Edge

Bevel edges are a simpler design, only adding a 45-degree slice to a fairly square profile. Their sleekness helps them to work well in simple and modern kitchens. However, they often feel underwhelming in more opulent settings.

They are quite easy to clean, but their sharper angles make them less ideal for having children in the house.


  • The 45-degree angle countertop edge works well in simple or modern kitchens
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Works as quartz and granite


  • Does not work well in stylized kitchens
  • Children can be easily harmed by sharp angles

Full Bullnose Edge

The softest of the mentioned edge designs, the full bullnose design is a modern style that curves for the entirety of the design.

While these designs are some safest for children, they can be one of the hardest to clean as crumbs and liquids often fill the crevices of the curved surface.


  • Soft edge is safer for children
  • Works well with modern designs
  • Easy to prevent damage on the countertop
  • Works as quartz, granite, Dupont, natural stone & other materials


  • Can be hard to clean up liquids and crumbs out of crevices
  • Don’t work well with more luxurious designs

Half Bullnose Edge

A half bullnose edge is rounded at the top like a full bullnose edge but slopes down vertically towards the floor. These countertop edges also work well in modern and more contemporary settings.

 However, they are less safe for children, as their vertical slope creates a sharper, harsher edge.


  • Allows for the countertop to be easily cleaned and wiped down
  • Holds spills and messes better
  • Cheap and works well with modern designs
  • Works as quartz, granite, Dupont, natural stone & other materials


  • The vertical edge makes the countertop less safe for children
  • Don’t work well in opulent settings

Flat Polished Edge

Also referred to as an eased edge countertop, these edges are very popular and are  recommended by Whitewater.

They have the profile of a full square countertop but are eased at the edges to avoid sharp corners and angles. They also give the feel of class and sophistication while remaining simple and sleek.

Whitewater recommends flat polished edge countertops as they work in kitchens big or small, stylized or simple, and are safe for children.


  • Great for tight corners and walkways 
  • An inexpensive option for simple or stylized kitchens
  • Easy to clean and keep clear of debris


  • Lacks a more stylized or intricate design

Find your countertop edges with Whitewater

Do you still have questions on countertop edges? Consult with us at Whitewater! Our flat polished edge designs work well in just about every kitchen design imaginable. From sleek, simple, and modern to luxurious and opulent, we have the designs to make your dream kitchen remodel come to life. Give us a call or come by one of the locations in Northern Utah.

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