Top 5 Things to Consider When You Remodel Your Master Bathroom

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We spend a lot of time in the bathroom throughout our lives. Whether that’s in the shower, putting on makeup, or *ahem* doing other things, having a bathroom you like can make a big impact on your day. 

So when you’re considering where in your home you want to remodel, the bathroom should always be high on your list. 

But before you head off to sign the dotted line with a contractor, make sure you remember these five important considerations:

#1: Plumbing

Plumbing is the hidden element that makes your bathroom functional, so you can’t ignore it during a remodel. You’ll likely be shocked by how much goes down (and gets stuck) in your drains, so make sure you’re taking time to clean everything. 

This is also a good time to ensure the pipes are well insulated against freezing temperatures and up to modern code. Updating your plumbing may be a hidden cost, so be aware!

#2: Counters, Cabinets, and Sinks

It’s very likely that your counter, sink, and cabinets will be the centerpiece of your bathroom redesign, so you’ll want to consider all of your options. Cabinetry space can make or break the cleanliness and function of a bathroom — and the right sink and counter combo will pull everything together. 

If you’re uncertain about how to pull of the look you want, we recommend working with a professional with an eye for design. No one wants a bathroom they don’t like to look at or be in!

#3: Lighting Elements and Mirrors

Next up is your bathroom lighting — and how well your mirrors pull off the rest of your look. The right mirror will be functional and match your design, then go a step further. Many people use mirrors and lighting to create the feeling that a bathroom is larger than it is, further adding to the enjoyment of a sometimes cramped space. 

#4: Floor Function and Form

Many homeowners don’t consider the functional nature of the floor in their bathroom — but it’s quite literally at the center of your bathroom remodel. A good floor can make or break a design, so it’s worth taking a moment to consider how you want the floor to tie things in.

And don’t forget about added features like in-floor draining or heated floors for added luxury. 

#5: Extras You Want/Need

Do you want room for your toiletries? How about a discreet place to hide the toilet paper that’s still within reach? Better yet — how about a deep, relaxing tub that helps you unwind at the end of a long week?

All of these are elements to consider, and can be achieved with the right designer and contractor. Remodelling your master bathroom doesn’t come around all that often — so make sure you get everything you want the first time around!

Explore Your Options With Whitewater

Here at Whitewater, we have years of experience working with homeowners like you that need a bathroom remodelled. If you’re looking, we’d love to be in touch for a quote or a conversation. 

Better yet — you can start the design yourself with an interactive design studio tool. Then, when you get in touch with a professional, you can start building as soon as possible!

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