What Are The Best Colors For Quartz Countertops?

When your home is going through a remodel or construction phase, one of the decisions you need to make is the color of your countertops. It’s a decision that can be both fun and stressful as you want something that complements well with the colors of the rest of the room. You also want one that fits your taste so that it will make your home even more your own. Quartz countertops are incredible as they are completely versatile with the variety of colors and patterns that they come in. We’ve put together this guide to help get you started as you begin to decide what color of quartz you would like to choose.

Best Quartz countertop colors for dark kitchens and bathrooms:

  • Frost
    • Frost goes well with darker tones and adds a bit of pizzazz to the room. The colored brown and green flecks of quartz sparkle against the white base, and since it does have a white base, you can use it with any color or decorating style.
  • Winchester
    • Our Winchester quartz has such a beautiful pattern. It has an off-white base and delicate grey veins that create a marble effect, looking timeless when paired with black cabinetry and darker greys and browns. 
  • Victoria
    • Next is our Victoria quartz. While it does have a similar marble effect to the Winchester, Victoria creates a more striking appearance. Its off-white coloring and the thin darker grey veins create a pleasing design that looks best with darker cabinets that will bring out the beauty of the pattern. 
  • Albany
    • The wide veins flow throughout the pattern of this stone, providing a smooth, beautiful design that will complement any grey or dark-colored cabinets or furnishings. 
  • Highbury
    • Another quartz with a delicate vein pattern, Highbury is one of our most beautiful stones for its timeless appeal. While it can complement any color you might choose for the cabinets, we believe that it would work best with dark-colored cabinets and furnishings.

Best Colors for Light Kitchens and Bathrooms:

  • We could easily add every one of our quartz colors to this list because EVERYTHING goes with white. But we want to highlight some of our favorite colors.
    • Dusk
      • Dusk quartz would create a beautiful contrast when it’s paired with a lighter kitchen or bathroom cabinet design. It’s on the darker gray side, but not too dark, so it has a soft contrast, as opposed to the Midnight quartz, which would create a striking, but very much a sharp contrast. Choose this quartz counter color to contrast with light cabinetry or as a mid-toned backsplash against white walls. 
    • Haida
      • Like Dusk, the hazy pattern creates a darker tone, complementing white or other light-colored cabinets. It would look really good with muted green, blue, and pink cabinet colors, as well as light grey and off-white tones. 
    • Midnight:
      • Let the Midnight quartz become a statement piece in your home with the black base and bold white veins. Using it for the kitchen island will create a striking contrast in an otherwise light kitchen or as a dark backsplash that gives the room a sleek, modern look.
    • Whitehaven
      • Whitehaven quartz is what you need to add a touch of warmth to a cool-toned kitchen. Its subtle, nearly faint brown undertones edge the grey veins and match well with the white base. When paired with bright white or mid-toned gray colors, Whitehaven quartz will add a striking appearance to the room.
    • White Sand
      • The darker-colored flecks that span the white base will lighten up the kitchen or the bathroom. The colored flecks of quartz provide enough of a pattern that it would break up the monotony of an all-white color scheme and complement well with lighter colors in various shades.

As you can see, we have dozens of options to choose from. Talk to one of our advisors today to help choose the best quartz countertops for your home!

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