Tub & Shower Surround Maintenance

We’ve designed these Whitewater products to be easy-to-clean. The main thing to remember when cleaning the surface is to never use abrasive cleaners or abrasive sponges or cloths. The surface is very similar to what is on the outside of a boat so you can clean and care for it the same way as you would a boat. Use soft cloths and cleaners such as:

  • Top Job
  • Lysol
  • Mr. Clean
  • Scrubbing Bubbles
  • Pinesol
  • Basin, Tub, & Tile cleaner
  • Clean Shower
  • Clorox Cleanup
  • Soft Scrub’s green gel

There are a lot of other cleaners that can be used. If you’re not sure it’s safe, you can rub the cleaner between your fingers; if you feel any grit don’t use it. However, if your product has a matte finish, a mild abrasive cleaner can be used occasionally. Your Whitewater product, regardless of if it is cultured marble, Crystalline or Tyvarian, is still considered cultured or synthetic marble. If you are unsure of a cleaner, read the label on the cleaning container. Avoid using sharp objects or toys on the surface that could scratch it.

One thing you can do to keep the surface easy-to-clean is use a turtle wax about once a year. You can wax the surface with an automotive turtle wax or Gel Gloss (Gel Gloss is a wax made especially for gel coated finishes and can be found at most hardware stores). Don’t wax the bottom surface of a tub because it makes it slippery. If you use a regular car wax that is blue, stay away from the caulk lines because the wax can stain the caulk. Regular cleaning is recommended to keep your marble looking its best. If you have not cleaned it on a regular basis and soap scum and hard water spots have collected, there are a couple things you can do. You can use an ice scraper made for your car windshield to scrape the walls of your tub surround/shower. You can also mix equal amounts of water and white vinegar which is a good cleaning solution to take off water spots.

Whirlpool (Jetted) Tub Maintenance

Your jetted tub’s pump and piping should be cleaned out every few months. Your tub’s system actually stays cleaner the more you use your jets. Every couple of months fill the tub above the jets with hot water and add several teaspoons low sudsing automatic dishwashing detergent or a few cups bleach. Run the jets for about 15 minutes, drain the tub, fill again and run clean water through for another 15 minutes. If you haven’t used the tub much and it needs a heavy duty cleaning, do this process several days in a row. Do not use caustic drain cleaners in your tub

Vanity Maintenance

If you set curling irons or straighteners on your vanity, it is possible for it to get a burned yellow mark. Prevent this by using not putting these items directly on your countertop.

Glass Maintenance

Using a squeegee daily is the best way to keep your glass clean. You can also use Rain-Ex, which is made for car windshields, to make the water run off your door better.