Creating beautiful tub and shower wall surrounds has been Whitewater’s specialty for decades. When Utah builders and homeowners think of Grout-Free tub and shower wall surrounds like cultured marble, they think of Whitewater. Well now we’ve given cultured marble a facelift, with our new Tyvarian products. Design and style like you’ve never seen before in the bathroom. 

Bathtub & Shower Panels

Similar to our Tyvarian® wall panels, Whitewater’s shower and bath panels are solid surface with a gloss finish that comes in stock sizes or can be custom made to your specifications.

Panel Options:

  • Available in White
  • Two edge options: finished or trim
  • Available in Gloss, Subway and Danville

Supplementary Applications:

  • Shampoo shelf
  • Shower seat

Crystalline Colors: Available in Flat, Subway and Danville panels


Tyvarian Tub & Shower Panels

Tyvarian® products are created using an innovative and unique manufacturing process that incorporates high-definition images into hand-cast panels made here in Utah.

Panel Options:

  • Two surface finish options: matte or polished
  • Edge finish options: Pencil trim, 4″ trim and metal trim.

Supplementary Applications:

  • Shampoo shelf
  • Shower seat
  • Pencil trim
  • Mini pencil trim

Tyvarian Popular Colors:

Shampoo Shelves

We have shampoo shelves available in solid White and Tyvarian, in both matte and gloss finishes. Our shampoo shelves come with a flat front edge; solid white shelves are 1/2″ thick and Tyvarian are 3/4″ thick.

What Make Us Different

Grout-free Surfaces

Low Maintenance Are you tired of scrubbing nasty tile grout? If you’ve ever had tile on your shower walls or floor, you know what a struggle it is to keep the grout lines clean of black and moldy spots. Not only is tile grout difficult to keep clean, but water can penetrate the grout and get behind the tile. This can lead to mildew and water damage, necessitating thousands of dollars in repairs. Whitewater surfaces, however, won’t ever require sealing, are grout-free and are impervious to water, mold and mildew.

Rock-solid Performance

Durability Try to chip, crack, or break it and you will see the true beauty of Whitewater surfaces. When we say our product is strong, that means that it exceeds industry-set standards for impact, scrubbability and stain resistance—and they are stronger than porcelain tile in drop tests. In addition, our wall panels are waterproof and grout-free.